About the Journal

Please note that Journal of Materials Science (ScandJMS) will cease publication and will be closed down at the end of 2022. All published content will still be available to readers and content will be preserved PKP Preservation Network.

Aims & Scope

Materials science in Scandinavia is a diverse and growing discipline. Thanks to a very long history of mining and processing of metals and subsequent expansion into all classes of material science, the field is very strong. The aim of the Scandinavian Journal of Materials Science (ScandJMS) is to be a very active and helpful resource for the material science and engineering community in spreading research via open access.

ScandJMS publishes full-length papers and short communications from original research results on, or methods for, studying the relationship between theory, synthesis, structure, properties, and uses of materials. Papers can be related to all classes and uses of material science; metals, ceramics, glasses, polymers and composites.

ScandJMS offers authors a rapid review and publication process and publishes open access only.


Peer review Process

Upon submission all manuscripts are reviewed by the Chief-Editor. Some papers may be rejected at this stage as they do not meet basic scientific principles or deal with topics beyond the scope of ScandJMS. All other manuscripts will be entered into our peer review system and are sent to an Associate Editor as well as at least two reviewers with special expertise in the relevant subject field. ScandJMS applies a single-blinded peer review policy, meaning authors are not informed about the identity of the reviewers.

Based on the feedback from the reviewers, the Editors thereafter decide whether the manuscript should be accepted directly (which in practice is rare), subject to minor or major revision before a final decision can be made, or rejected. The revised manuscript is usually sent to the reviewers again, sometimes including one further reviewer, before a final decision is made (or a decision to ask for further revision).